If WFAN can turn a blind eye to Don Imus’ polarizing qualities, who’s to say Chris Benoit won’t someday be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame? From the New York Daily News’ David Hinckley.

Fired morning host Don Imus will be heard again tomorrow on WFAN (660 AM), like in the old days.

In fact, it will be the old days.

As part of WFAN’s 20th anniversary weekend, Mike Francesa and Chris Russo will host four hours of highlights, 6-10 a.m., from the show that anchored WFAN mornings for almost its entire history.

While it’s unusual for a station to feature a host it has terminated, WFAN program director Mark Chernoff said Imus’ contribution couldn’t be ignored.

“He was such a big part of the station for all those years,” said Chernoff.

Well put, and hopefully Chernoff will not ignore the contributions of other crucial players from the early days of WFAN. If Imus is worthy of 4 hours of taped highlights, surely there’s a way of combining Mike Lupica, Len Berman and Jim Lampley’s finest moments into 4 minutes of clips.

Which reminds me, is Eli From Westchester the only person who hasn’t been considered for Imus’ old morning slot?