(as heard on WFAN moments ago)

Caller Steve : …so I’m wondering, if he (Barry Bonds) dropped dead of a massive coronary today, how would be be remembered? Would he go down in history as a big weasel?

Chris Russo : That’s a very weird question…

Caller Steve : …and I think if Bud Selig doesn’t show up (for Bonds’ record breaker) he’s a big doody.

Russo : Thank you for the call, Steve. But I don’t think we needed that description. (long pause).
Barry Bonds isn’t going to drop dead. That’s ridiculous.

Later in the broadcast, Russo mentioned that during last night’s Home Run Derby, “the Giants wheeled out Willie McCovey, literally.” Those who watched the telecast already know that McCovey appeared to be moving under his own steam, albeit with crutches.