While doing his usual bit to aid the opposition — in this case, the once-again surging Phillies, who completed a weekend sweep of the error-prone Mets with a 10-6 victory at Shea — Guillermo Mota is not, I repeat, not the worst human being on the planet. He might’ve sunk to his lowest point since being chased all over the Port St. Lucie parking lot by Mike Piazza, but there are characters more loathsome.

So with that mind, and hoping to restore some sense of perspective amongst Mets fans, i’ve compiled a list of individuals, living or dead, who’ve done far more than Mota to inflict abject misery onto others.

1) Hitler
2) Pol Pot
3) Idi Amin
4) Rick Dees
5) Arkan
6) Stacy Q
7) Dr. Harold Shipman
8) The Homolkas
9) Stephen Baldwin
10) Mel Rojas

I’m sure you’ve got some suggestions of your own, but this is my list. I think it’s pretty comprehensive.

While Mota and Jorge Sosa endeavored to make the NL East chase an actual pennant race, I was attending the Austin City Limits festival. A golf cart driving staffer gave me a lift from one corporate sponsor-dubbed stage to another, but not before commenting on my Mets jersey.

“I’ve got a cousin who played for the Mets. He’s got a championship ring from 1986.”

Oh yeah? What’s his name?

“Doug Sisk”.