As any long-term CSTB reader can vouch, I have no qualms about shooting fish in a barrell. Unlike Gonorreha Capitol Of The USA Apologist Will Leitch, however, I think some fish deserve the rocket launcher more than others. So Stephen A. Smith writes his column with a Blackberry? Hey, I don’t care if he uses a fucking Easy Bake Oven. The next person to assail Smith’s credibility ought to have some of his or her own. “The man absolutely refuses to back up any of his written assertions with sources or facts.” Uh, huh, he’s not much of a hardcore journalist. But at least Smith doesn’t claim to be “a sporadic” CSTB reader, as opposed to a far more frequent, if not obsequious peruser of this blog.

Smith may have marked out for himself a long time ago, but at least he created his own shitty persona.

Anyhow, it’s been a laff-riot week over at Leitchland at the expense of Dennis Rodman and his repellent handlers. And with that fish-barrell-gun thread bound to continue, I’m sure you’ll see some variation of the following sometime between 9am and 5pm tomorrow :

Rodman, already contracted to star for the ABA’s Tijuana Dragons, has agreed to make a cameo or two for the IBL’s Cedar Valley (IA) Jaguars. The following quote comes from Pro Basketball

“Dennis Rodman is a truly unique human being, who is not only a great athlete but also one of the best entertainers in the world,” said Jaguars owner Eduardo Diaz.

Indeed, when considering the pantheon of great entertainers —- Anthony Newley, Liza Minelli, Neil Diamond, Bobby Soxx, Larry Lifeless, Peter Lemongello, Ben Vereen, etc., you can’t possibly forget The Worm.