…and that’s the most plausible reason I can come up with for David Medeiros’ Concertblogger review of JD & The Straight Shot’s Sunday night performance at NYC’s Cutting Room.  Perhaps Mr. Medeiros was a journalist employed by Pravda in a previous lifetime?  Until we find out for sure, congratulations are in order for Luke Winkie — no matter what he composes between now and the end of December, he’s no longer a candidate for author of 2013’s worst piece of music criticism.

.As a businessman there are few who have reached James Dolan’s heights, but there is more to this complicated man than just the boardroom. He has, like all humans, his own passions. His greatest is music. To that end he has tirelessly worked to improve his guitar and vocal chops, and has surrounded himself with a tight group of professional session players to form a band of note. How he finds the time to be a titan of corporate America and still front this band is beyond me.

Enough about the individual though, this is a band. They have released three albums and One EP and have another full-length album in the works. They have toured with Robert Randolph, The Allman Brothers Band, and currently are opening for The Eagles. Due to the fact that The Eagles were playing MSG on Saturday and Monday night, as the owner of the venue, Dolan decided to use his executive powers and recuse the band from those dates to ensure that there was no shadow of favoritism attached to the shows. Instead, we were treated to a rare intimate performance at one of the city’s hidden gems.

When the last note floated away, it was obvious that the room had been filled with a musical passion that just can’t be faked. Some may say that this band is a toy of a very rich man who is indulging a whim. I would say to them, go see this band play, and then tell me what you think. I think this is a group of people who love playing music and will play just about anywhere, anytime.