I’m in Memphis in the midst of something with no genuine CSTB relation (hence all the posts to come on the subject), but I was fortunate enough to hear Howie Rose kick Stephane Mathieu-Mathieu-Mathieu to the comparitive curb with his fantastic account of the Mets’ 7-6 defeat of the Cubs last night.  Gary Cohen receives many favorable notices around these parts, and rightfully so.  But there are times where Rose’s lifelong love of the Mets is rewarded with a crazy moment or 3 — much like Johan Santana’s broken bat miracle on Tuesday — and WFAN’s lead play-by-play guy rises to the occasion.  I didn’t see the replays of Ryan Church’s bit of baserunning daring-do nor Carlos B.’s walk-off game winner for several hours last night, but thanks to the artful commentary of Rose, I didn’t feel like I got the bad part of the bargain.

Contemplating what might be the final game played at Shea Stadium this Sunday, Mets Blog’s Matthew Cerrone writes, “if Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura and Edgardo Alfonzo all roll up at the same time, i may react like they™re The Beatles.” With that in mind, I would respectfully ask the parole board to reconsider Mark David Chapman’s request to obtain Timo Perez’s autograph. Hey, if you think that’s tasteless, where’s the booing for Newsday’s Jim Baumbach?  He’s proposed that Tom Glavine throw out Sunday’s ceremonial 80 mph “fastball” right down Broadway first pitch.