(back when they were still listening)

Days after a reported contract extension for Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, and just a day after Carlos Boozer’s return to Salt Lake City resulted in a tough loss to Chicago (and curious scenes between Utah GM Kevin O’Connor and Sloan), it’s been announced the NBA’s most tenured coach is stepping down. Along with assistant Phil Johnson, Sloan is taking his 1,221 career victories home, and leaving G Deron Williams to face charges that he’s the winner of an ugly power struggle.

Former Salt Lake Tribune beat writer Ross Siler insists Wiilliams will demand a trade if he’s painted as the villain in this exchange ; conversely, the same paper’s Brian T. Smith characterizes Williams as a sure goner next summer if Sloan wasn’t replaced. Williams’ side of the story oughta be at least as eagerly awaited as Sloan’s, yet at present, only the latter is being afforded a 5pm press conference.