I kinda thought Rasheed Wallace’s redemption at the Alamo was the most compelling story to come out of last night’s Game 6 victory for Detroit, but apparently I was dead wrong.

ESPN Radio’s Eric Kuselias instead sought to open up the phones for a scintillating discussion about what losing Game 7 (which hasn’t been played yet, by the way), would do to Tim Duncan’s legacy.

Duncan, argued Kuselias, cannot be considered in the pantheon of Bird, Magic, Jordan, etc. if his Spurs lose to Detroit, particuarly in light of the Wake Forest grad’s struggles at the end of Game 5.

I wasn’t aware that Duncan was planning on announcing his retirement tomorrow night. Even if the Spurs manage to blow a 3-2 advantage, why should we presume that Duncan will never again scale such heights? How does Duncan winning two championships with David Robinson’s help qualify as a lesser achievment ? How many trophies did Scottie Pippen hoist without Michael Jordan? How many championships did Shaq win without Kobe? How many did Karl Malone win with anyone?