Though a botched onside kick cost the hosts a chance at tying or winning at the buzzer, consider the following sober factoid : with today’s 38-35 home loss to Syracuse, Louisville have now allowed 120 points in their last 3 games to non-ranked opposition.  The nation’s 2nd longest home   winning streak (longest to take place at a stadium named a bad pizza chain) has come to end, and at the hands of a 300 point underdog, to boot.

Hands up, anyone who thought Ball State v. Nebraska would be one of the best games of the day. Keep your hand up if can think of a legal way Bill Callahan’s contract extension can be nullfied — the Nebraska Board Of Regents would like your phone number.

Should anyone from South Florida really be calling West Virginia fans “couch burning hillbillies”? And what’s a more appropriate way of disposing of a couch, anyway?