(fuck those Wendy’s ads, sometimes being stuck in the middle is the worst place to be)

In the wake of Michael Strahan kinda-sorta-maybe calling Plaxico Burress a quitter after the wide receiver gave up on an overthrown Eli Manning pass Sunday, WFAN’s Joe Benigno-Gazingo is reporting there’s been some type of spat at Giants practice this morning.

Even a football neophyte like Shea Hillenbrand could tell you the ship is sinking, and with each passing day, Colonel Coughlin seems headed for a Douglas Niedermyer ending (ie. shot by his own troops). Though it seems as though Burress would have an unfair advantage if forced to go toe-to-toe with the injured Strahan, keep in mind that Dr. Ian Smith might have the latter’s back.

(UPDATE : You’ll have to go to ESPN.com or WFAN.com to hear the lovely soundbites from Strahan in severe Kill The Messenger Mode. “Look a man in the eye before you kill him and make up something…if you’re gonna talk to me, don’t stand in the back with ten other people.  I’m glad ESPN is listening to WFAN, that’s a good thing,  at least we listen to each other and read each other’s newspapers around here. I read you guys every day..I’ve been reading you guys for ten years. If you’re gonna be negative, be negative, I don’t give a damn.”

Apparently, Strahan’s rebuke of Burress on the Benigno-Gazingo show qualifies as veteran leadership, but the media asking Burress to respond earlier today, is dirty pool. I’ve not heard a Swampland resident have such a WTF moment with the local media since Chad Pennington insisted the scribes were privileged to be covering the Jets.)

(UPDATE DOS : Mike Francesca has weighed in on Strahan’s public implosion : “Move on, it’s not that big a deal.” Always the team player that Francesca, way to piss all over Benigno-Gazingo’s moment of glory. At the moment, Francesca and Russo are discussing a truly big deal : New Cannan’s 49-14 defeat of Coventry in the CIAC Semi-Finals.)