Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer gleefully casts a shadow over Baltimore’s efforts to quietly play out the string today against Pittsburgh with the following missive :

Several Ravens sources have told FOX Sports that ownership and high level executives and ownership has been privately polling and asking players if Billick has lost the locker room. Not only are they asking player opinions, they are asking employees from equipment men to those on the trainer’s staff for their read as well trying to ascertain how much faith the locker room has lost in the head coach.

The general consensus is that Billick had long ago lost some of the guys but more recently the majority of the team had tuned him out. Not only has he lost the locker room, many insisted he couldn’t win the players back either.

Thus, while Billick may get another year to coach this team, owner Steve Biscotti will have to make that decision with the knowledge that his players have lost faith in the coach.

Devin Hester – Your 2007 MVP For Teams Out Of Contention.

On an entirely different tip, the ’07 Award For Confusing A (Poor) Interior Monologue With Blogging looks to be a neck & neck race between the legendary Alex Benesowitz and the Sporting News’ Kevin Sullivan.

The latter, of course, has a much hotter posse.