Colts 41, Saints 10

(America’s favorite pitchman, daring the Rotters to write a song about him)

At the risk of being terribily insensitive, I think Sean Payton might have to replace Michael Brown as his defensive coordinator.  Peyton Manning had little difficulty reaching fave targets Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, as Indy’s 31-0 second half capped off a garish coronation ceremony. And while the Colts’ curtain raiser was inspired and clinical in equal doses, Manning’s ubiquity has gone from merely annoying to downright maddening.  I realize the QB’s performance on “SNL” was universally hailed, but that’s precisely why there’s something painfully redundant about another bunch of ads meant to demonstrate that Manning has-a-sense-of-humor. We get it, he’s just a crazy prankster.  And whatever happened to those Jim Sorgi Maytag commercials?

Much as I hate to side with evil record company fucks, Kelly Clarkson really should’ve stuck with the song doctors.  Even Matt and Luke Goss have doubts about her self-penned material.

I tried keeping one eye on Louisville’s 58-42 victory over Middle Tennessee State, but the succession of text messages from Paul Westhead calling the game “a disgrace”, was just too much distraction for one night.