(Roger Clemens, as pictured in the “The Mitchell Report”)

Readers of CSTB no doubt greeted The Mitchell Report today with a long yawn as far as Kerry Wood and Mark Prior are concerned. After all, this reporter has been making reckless, unfounded accusations about them for years regarding steroids, and today the word of a fancy Boston lawyer is being taken as some sort of gold standard over the rumor-mongering and partisan name-calling of this hardworking blogger. And that’s not even getting into my to-this-date merely mean-spirited and spiteful jibes aimed at Roger Clemens. Am I angry or bitter that Mitchell is getting all the credit? Yes. Am I ready to continue making such statements in the future? You bet. I hereby accuse George Mitchell of anabolic steroids abuse. And I say this as a man with a dead-on track record of steroid spotting to back me up. Just check The Mitchell Report.

Anyway, if said Mitchell Report does changes baseball in any way, I hope it ends the constant barrage of “Will Wood or Prior be pitching on opening day this year?” variety questions that currently pack the cubs Mailbag every week, not to mention shortening the contracts of Wood and Prior with the Cubs by quite some time.