NFL coaching vacancies are being filled daily. So far, with the Saints and Jets, the jobs have been taken by enterprising young fellows without head coaching experience. The Detroit Football Lions, it appears, are preparing to continue that first-timer trend with not-as-young Tampa Bay assistant Rod Marinelli. Soon, though, very soon, teams are going to be squabbling over the Martzes and Jaurons and Shermans left on the curb, trying to decide which one smells the least offensive and will least offend the fan base. Which would probably be whoever is not named Mike Martz.

All of which makes it even more sad that Mike Ditka (above, right) will almost certainly spend another season wearing shiny suits in Bristol, CT. He’s got the relevant experience — Super Bowl win and attendant folk-hero status, in-season heart attack, aborted Senate campaign, the works. And — and here is the reason why this post exists — thanks to this video, we now also know that he can rap.