From the O.C. Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley (link swiped from Boing Boing)

No one disputes that an on-duty Irvine police officer got an erection and ejaculated on a motorist during an early-morning traffic stop in Laguna Beach. The female driver reported it, DNA testing confirmed it and officer David Alex Park finally admitted it.

When the case went to trial, however, defense attorney Al Stokke argued that Park wasn™t responsible for making sticky all over the woman™s sweater. He insisted that she made the married patrolman make the mess”after all, she was on her way home from work as a dancer at Captain Cream Cabaret.

œShe got what she wanted, said Stokke. œShe™s an overtly sexual person.

A jury of one woman and 11 men”many white and in their 50s or 60s”agreed with Stokke. On Feb. 2, after a half-day of deliberations, they found Park not guilty of three felony charges that he™d used his badge to win sexual favors during the December 2004 traffic stop.

Park, 31, was red-faced and unable to control his twitching foot in the moments before the verdict was announced; if convicted, he would have faced prison. When he was found not guilty, he briefly embraced Stokke. In the public seating section, tears flowed from his gray-haired mother™s face. His father, a mechanic, closed his eyes and threw his head back. Outside the courtroom, surrounded by his family, a smiling Park said he felt vindicated.

Harvey Keitel was unavailable for comment.