Admittedly, it sounds better than being the Matt Stairs of Women’s Tennis.  But no kidding around, D.K. Wilson of Sports On My Mind has returned from a month’s sabbatical and after reviewing the recently completed Wimbledon tournament, he’s going all Rick Telander on a veteran of the women’s tour.

Since no one else said it, I will (of course). Elena Dementieva has ingested and/or ingested something repeatedly to look as good as she did in her semifinal match against Serena Williams. Though Serena ultimately won the nearly three hour match 8-6 in the third set, it was Dementieva™s new-found strength and added speed and quickness that was the highlight of the match™ they were also out of the ordinary.

Dementieva will turn 28 in October of this year and has played on the WTA Tour for 11 years now. Because tennis has no offseason it is impossible for a player to make the kind of leap, athletically, that Dementieva did between – well, the Australian Open and Wimbledon, let alone from the French Open to Wimbledon. The Russian was as fast or faster, as quick or quicker, as strong or stronger than Serena. And no player, not even Venus, can make that claim.

So how did Elena Dementieva, at age 27 and already one of the fittest and hardest-practicing players on tour, gain that extra ability without taking four to six months off the tour to do so?

Your guess is as good as mine. But I will say the NHL is known to be the pro sports league of choice among PED distributors. And Dementieva™s boyfriend is Maxim Afinogenov of the Buffalo Sabres.