(above : faux Vicky, below : the real deal)

V to the icky to the P to the ollard… Yeah but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but aww SHUT UP! OH. My. GAWD, I can’t believe you just said that you’re such a bitch! Vicky Pollard is the Queen of Chavs and is the perfect character for any event requiring the common, council estate touch! Book her to come and nick your new product, slag off the competition and spread rumours about the chairman. Coz, roight, let me tell you about Wayne Duggan roight… Causes a big stir whenever she makes an appearance, everyone wants to have their photo taken.

Gavin is the perfect Vicky Pollard Lookalike, with his spot on recreation of this Little Britain character, he really does lookalike and sound alike. In fact the last time he was out wth a film crew (yes, we do do film shoots, ads, corporate videos, stings, trailers and full blown TV shows) they had to get security in to keep the crowd back as they wouldn’t believe it was not the genuine Vicky Pollard. So remember, if you want her in a public place get security to hold the crowd back!!!

Why not cause a real stir and book him, or is it her? Available for Weddings, corporate “do’s”, fashion shoots, DSS benefits, young mum groups, hanging round outside shops and kids play areas. Spreading rumours and nickin’ stuff a speciality, whatever the event remember, book Little Britain Tribute Act – Littler Britain