Take your pick, this is either a case of life imitating art (that previously imitated life), or it’s a story several times more depressing than the latest revelations surrounding Miguel Cabrera. The Baltimore Sun’s Justin Fenton reports Felicia Peterson, a convicted murdered / author better known to many of us as Snoop from “The Wire”, was arrested Thursday as part of a series of drug raids.

The specific allegations against her were not immediately clear, but Pearson’s role appears to be small. In all, authorities arrested more than 60 people on federal and state warrants in an operation dubbed “Usual Suspects” because many of the targets were repeat offenders who authorities believe may be responsible for recent violence.

“Our goal was to totally dismantle this organization from head to toe, and everything in between,” Carl J. Kotowski, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s assistant special agent in charge, said as hundreds of officers got their assignments at M&T Bank Stadium before dawn.

Kotowski said he and Pearson briefly chatted.

“I asked, ‘What are you doing now?’ She said, ‘I’m an actress,'” Kotowski said. “We’re lucky. She just got back from Michigan, or Minnesota, where she was doing something else. If we came a few days earlier, we would have missed her.”

“She knows the odds,” Ed Burns, a former city police officer and co-creator of “The Wire,” told the Washington Post in 2007. “I just wish there was a fallback position for her. … She’s doing everything possible you can do; the hope is that someone can see it. She’s got great presence and she’s extremely easy to work with.”