The above question comes from Ben Schwartz, who says of the Cubs CF’s 714-swiping catch last night,

Not only did Juan Pierre blow the Cubs’ chance to become a footnote in baseball history last night by robbing Babe Bonds of this date with destiny, but Pierre’s got the nerve not to be happy as a permanent loser. Says “Pennant” Pierre in today’s Sun-Times :

“Right now it’s a tough time for us,” he said. “I know a lot of you all don’t believe it, but our goal is to win the World Series, and we haven’t been playing well. Maybe if we were going well it would be a bigger thing for me personally. The way I have been playing and the team, I can’t look at it as far as telling grandkids.”

Bonds jokingly waved his right hand at Pierre, as if telling him to get out of here with that stuff.
“I shrugged my shoulders at him,” Pierre said. “He can hit as many as he wants once we get out of town.'”

Uh, looking for a spot with the Yankees, Mr. Pierre? Listen, if you want to last with the Cubs, start thinking like Derrek Lee, who will be sitting in the Giants dugout when the Bondino breaks the Babe’s record:

“”I hope he hits a couple, and I hope we win all three games,” the injured Cubs first baseman said beforehand. “That’s how I look at it. It’s history. I’d like to see him break the record and be in the dugout when it happens.”

Lee was asked if the shadow of steroids tainted Bonds’ quest to be included with the greats, such as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.

“Obviously, you wish it wasn’t there,” Lee said. “It’s one of those things; he hasn’t been caught yet. You’d like to have a guy innocent until proven guilty. You wish the shadow wasn’t there, but either way, he’s a great player. You have to respect what he does at the plate.’