And more importantly, is he wearing trousers?  While The Guardian’s Amy Lawrence reminds us it was just a few years ago there was genuine talk of a Fulham/QPR merger, the latter’s first visit to Craven Cottage since their recent return to the Premier League was hardly a cause for celebration.  Not unless you enjoy reading about one of the club’s key figures going AWOL at intermission.

There were whispers that Adel Taarabt (above), who was substituted at half?time, left the ground and wandered off in his kit in search of a London bus. Neil Warnock shed no light on the matter. “That’s not my problem at the moment,” the QPR manager said.

“I have no idea [whether he left the dressing room]. I’ve more worries than any individual when you lose 6-0. You’re going to get days when he throws his toys out the pram, but that isn’t a worry for me. If I sub somebody and they are happy, then I have more of a problem with that.”

Warnock was so sheepish he admitted he did not even have it in him to blame the referee. “I can’t see the point of losing my voice at 6-0,” he conceded before walking out of the press conference after more questions about Taarabt.