The Sunday Telegraph’s Peter Van Onselen
reports Rose Tattoo vocalist Angry Anderson is considering seeking political office. Not to suggest I’m taking Anderson’s candidacy less than seriously, but we are getting closer and closer to the moment in history in which the words, “I knew Stu Spasm…and you, sir, are no Stu Spasm,” are uttered during a televised debate.

Angry Anderson has joined the Nationals with the intention of running for a seat at the next federal election.

“If between the party and I, we can agree, I feel I can best serve the Australian people on the national stage,” the 63-year-old rock singer told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I’ve always liked big stages. We’re in discussions at the moment – listen to me, all of a sudden I sound like a politician” he laughs.

The former Labor supporter said he chose the Nationals because he didn’t feel that he would be free enough to express his opinions in either of the major parties.

“I am a lapsed Labor supporter,” Anderson said.

“I have over the last 10 to 15 years drifted towards the conservative side of politics. I’ve said before I don’t want to be silenced by a major party.”

While Anderson cited the Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce as a key influence, he said it was “good friend” and NSW Liberal Upper House member Charlie Lynn who suggested he consider the Nationals “as more of a better fit”.