The Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt reported late last night the psychologist of Titans QB Vince Young tipped Jeff Fisher off to VY “mentioning suicide several times” last Monday, resulting in a highly publicized manhunt.

Fisher told officers he was worried about Young after hearing from psychologist Sheila Peters, according to the report by Central Precinct Lt. Andrea Swisher.

“I asked him (Fisher), ‘What made her worry about him?’ He stated, ‘His mood, his emotions, he is injured, he wants to quit, and he mentioned suicide several times,’ ” the report states. “He (Fisher) went on to state that he (Young) left the house with a gun.”

Peters met with Young at his Brentwood home, it was determined that the quarterback was depressed and she expressed concerns about his safety to the team. When Young abruptly left home later without his cell phone and sped away in his Mercedes, Fisher was alerted.

Fisher contacted police and told them about information he received from the psychologist, “and that she was worried about him” because Young left his house with a gun, the report said.

Given the information available, I can no longer castigate Fisher for contacting the police. If the Titans thought there was even a slight chance of Young harming himself or others, they did right thing.

However, I cannot see what purpose it serves for the local P.D. to reveal any portion of a conversation between Young and a therapist to the media.  He’s committed no crime and despite his celebrity status, ought to be able to speak freely to a therapist without the nature of that discussion becoming common knowledge.  I don’t know what Tom Coughlin tells his shrink, but I suspect if the nature of such talks because widely known, the Giants’ head coach would be on a Do Not Fly list at the very least.