I’ll apologize in advance for the above headline. I have a splitting headache and fighting off all the Xanax spam in the comments section isn’t helping matters. The New York Post’s Marc Berman touts Seattle’s Nate McMillan as the Knicks’ most recent coaching candidate.

The Sonics are one loss away from playoff elimination, trailing the Spurs 3-2 in their second-round battle. Thomas knows McMillan (above) is a longshot with Phil Jackson, with indications he wants to stay put in Seattle.

However, money talks and Thomas already has an in. He and McMillan share the same agent, Lonnie Cooper. Undoubtedly, Thomas will call Cooper and the Sonics to gauge interest when Seattle’s season ends.

Recent reports from Seattle estimated McMillan would seek a contract starting at $4 million per. Since the Knicks were willing to give Jackson $10 million per, they might get a bargain in McMillan and still outbid the Sonics. Seattle also could be in a disorganized state since its GM Rick Sund, too, is not under contract.

Berman also writes that John Starks will likely represent New York on the dais during next Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery.
The Knicks don’t have enough balls in the lottery as is, so what’s one fewer?