Claiming “the chances of the Knicks winning the NBA title this year are about as good as Larry Brown buying his kids a pair of Stephon Marbury’s discounted sneakers,” the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola identifies the following as the Knicks’ two biggest question marks, ignoring the more pressing issue of which is the better first date DVD, “Love & Basketball” or “Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.”

Can Marbury win games on the court and friends in the locker room? The surly point guard says he is a changed man, but only time will tell. He is still capable of being an All-Star, but the jury is still out on whether he and Steve Francis can co-exist. Also, while Brown was constantly badgering Marbury, few noticed that Marbury was shows signs of breaking down physically.

Is Eddy Curry a baby Shaq or a more athletic Oliver Miller? Curry had his moments last season but he needs to become a more ferocious rebounder and stay out of foul trouble. Age, however, is on his side – he’s just 23.

Vin Baker has signed a non-guaranteed contract with the T-Wolves. No word yet on how this will impact the day to day management of Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House.