While Basketbawful recalls John Konkack in historical-bust-terms that would make Barry Zito wince, the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola suggests Isiah Thomas (who may or may not be pursuing Steve Blake) would do well to consider his PG options beyond Stephon Marbury.

Marbury, 30, is under contract for two more years, so there is no immediate rush to find a successor, although acquiring that player figures to be Thomas’ next major challenge.

Marbury finished the past two seasons sidelined with injuries as his body continues to show signs of breaking down. Understandably, Thomas does not want to enter the season without an insurance plan.

For the long term, the transition from Marbury to his successor will be a delicate issue for Thomas, who remains Marbury’s strongest advocate. Thomas refused to criticize Marbury last season for showing up out of shape and suffering through a slow start in November while others on the staff were fuming.

Most recently, Thomas has been dealing with the fallout from Marbury’s appearance on “Mike’d Up,” a Sunday night sports talk show on Channel 4. The interview, which has become a hot download on the Internet, seemingly shows Marbury in good spirits but acting more aloof than usual. At best, one Madison Square Garden executive termed Marbury’s nine-minute Q&A “bizarre.” It certainly wasn’t a shining moment for an organization renowned for obsessing over the media to the point of being controlling.

“I haven’t seen it but I heard about it,” Thomas said of Marbury’s interview.