Of Phil Jackson’s plans to skip the NBA Draft Lottery, the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola is dismayed by the lack of accountability, warning the latter, “This isn’t the time to get cute and throw Spike Lee up there. Or even Taylor Swift. It shouldn’t be Carmelo Anthony, Derek Fisher, Steve Mills, Allan Houston or Langston Galloway.”  How about Matthew Modine?  Greg Butler?  Would you prefer Vin Baker?  What’s Joe Walsh doing that week?  Has anyone suggested Anucha Browne-Sanders?

Madison Square Garden has made the last 14 months all about Phil and there is no reason to stop now. He is the face of the franchise, the point man of their proposed resurgence. Sure, Jackson is not solely responsible for getting the Knicks into this mess. But the draft lottery affords him the opportunity to own his mistakes, be accountable and once and for all show the NBA that he is not some mythical Wizard hiding behind the curtain but rather an honest to goodness coaching legend committed to fixing this broken club.

Jackson’s state of the Knicks address lasted 44 minutes on Tuesday and, as usual, included a couple of head scratching moments. He said his recruiting pitch to potential free agents will be triangle heavy because it is system that “enhances their skills.”

“I think there’s a style of how we play,” Jackson added. “We’ve established that…We gave a unique style and that attracts certain people.”

For the record, Jackson is referring to the 17-win Knicks, not the 72-win Chicago Bulls. He also says that Carmelo’s presence will be a drawing card.

Jerry West, Larry Bird and Pat Riley have sucked it up in the past and sat on the dais. If those three legends can do it, so can Jackson.