Excerpts from Olympic gold medalist Amaury Leveaux’s new book, ‘Sex, Drugs and Swimming’ were published this week, and the unsavory revelations caused  French Swimming Federation veep Lucien Gastaldello to declare Leveaux (above, right) had “shot himself in the foot.”  “”Everyone is disgusted by his attitude,” said Gastaldello. “He was going to do television commentaries on some forthcoming events. He can forget that. Who would speak to him now?” Well, in addition to persons looking to purchase or sell cocaine, I would guess many people.  From the BBC :

In a chapter dealing with drug use, Leveaux says that top French swimming stars regularly snort cocaine, mainly – but not only – for fun.

“Some of us wouldn’t spit at a little line of coke from time to time. For others it’s not just a little line, it’s a complete motorway covered in white powder which they zoom down at top speed,” he writes.

“And then let’s not be coy – cocaine is a doping agent. It is the kind of happy drug which gives you the feeling of being invincible and never tired – pushing back your limits and transforming you into a warrior ready for anything.”

He says on one occasion during the Olympics a trainer came to their rooms and warned them that an anti-doping test would take place the next day. “He specifically mentioned cocaine as one to avoid. I found that strange.”

Leveaux also describes an incident at the London Games, where one of the French swimmers – he does not give the name – left a nightclub in the company of the establishment’s female press officer.

“Later that night he sent me a text saying I should come round to the girl’s flat – and that’s where I found him lying on top of her and sniffing a line of coke from between her breasts,” he writes.