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A new one-dollar short eBook tells the story — 25 years on — of the making of VAN HALEN’s 1988 album “OU812”.

Author Martin Popoff explains: “It’s always a blast talking with Sammy Hagar, and within this lively read, he’s considerably charitable in giving me the story of this ‘hair metal’-era smash hit from the mighty VAN HALEN.”

In fact, Hagar waxes lyrical about the “magical moments on ‘OU812’. We could do no wrong. We just said, let’s start recording today. We just made a date. We had come off a very lengthy tour for ‘5150’ and Eddie had a bunch of riffs he was jamming around. I had a bunch of lyrics in notebooks that I had been thinking about and writing. And we just put them together and jammed in the studio. It was just complete, simple, magic.”

“Ye Olde Metal: Van Halen’s OU812” is available as a 10-page eBook in high-resolution PDF format from