(Kenny Rogers interrupts photojournalism in action)

..but Ryan Drese vs. Rod Brajas was one of the better teammate vs. teammate battles that didn’t involve Kwame Brown.

Tonight’s Mets/Marlins tilt got a late start due a 90 minute rain delay. Someone oughta let the FSN Florida guys know that while “Seinfeld”, did indeed “have many good baseball lines”, it wasn’t the character of George Costanza that professed to “despise Keith Hernandez”.

(Mets security lets down the side again, as a bemused Pedro Martinez contends with a crazed stalker last weekend at Shea)

There also seems to be a daschund running loose in the stands at the former Joe Robie Stadium. Much as I’d like to credit Jeffrey Loria’s minions for their enlightened treatment of canine fans, I suspect this was just a desperate attempt to prop up the numbers.

(UPDATE : As it turns out, there are hundreds of dogs watching the Marlins and Mets tonight, but lest you think this a harmless way for Florida to fill up the empty seats, be advised that the dogs are being charged $6 each. Supposedly, the money is going to pooch-related charities, but I still suspect that Loria has a hidden motive for this. When the Fish finally pack up for Las Vegas, they’ll claim their previous home was covered in dogshit.).