…even if the Pistons offered less money. Beef recalls be damned, Southgate, MI’s Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill has a record-smashing murder burger in the works according to the Detroit Free Press’ Sylvia “Hector Versus” Rector :

At 150 pounds, including its specially made bun and multiple toppings, it’s designed to put Mallie’s in the Guinness World Records book for the largest commercially available hamburger; right now that’s a measly 123-pounder at a bar in Pennsylvania.”We’ve actually done this in-house several times, so it’s not a matter of whether we can do it,” says owner Steve Mallie, 39. It’s being able to make the sandwich publicly at an announced time, so all the necessary people will be on hand to record and verify the feat for Guinness.

Completed, the burger will be 26 inches across and about 2 feet tall, he says.

And if you and several dozen of your hungriest friends would like one of your own, that can be arranged. It’s being added to the menu, “and with 24 hours’ notice, we’ll make it for you,” Mallie says. The price is $350, which includes fries and pop.

For today’s world-record attempt, chef Art Laramie will use 110 pounds of ground beef to create the prodigious patty, which will shrink to about 80 to 100 pounds as it bakes in the oven for eight hours. “We usually lose about 15 to 25% of the burger weight after it’s cooked,” Mallie says.Assimacopoulos Supreme Bakery Distributors of Romulus will bake the bun, using a special form it had to create for the project.

“The toppings are going to be normal hamburger toppings — cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, pickle and bacon,” Mallie says.

How much bacon? “Quite a bit. I can’t give away all my secrets.”