The Philadelphia News’ Todd Zolecki reports Phillies’ closer Brad Lidge will undergo knee surgery tomorrow and might be out of action for as much as 6 weeks. For Ed Wade, this might take a bit of the sting off the Miguel Tejdada acquistion.

Lidge, who reinjured his surgically repaired right knee Saturday while throwing live batting practice at the Carpenter Complex, had a MRI today in Clearwater. He said the MRI showed “no big, new tears, nothing substantially wrong. But enough on the medial side of the knee that would warrant a scope. We’re going to do a scope and clean out some of the small tears and get that done with, so it won’t bother me during the season.”

Lidge had two options:
1) Get the surgery.
2) Let it heal naturally.

“The scope has a pretty fast recovery time,” Lidge said. “Ideally, if everything went right I wouldn’t miss any of the season. That’d be a good 4 1/2 weeks (away). But that’ll be based on how it feels, obviously. Right now, if this came up again during the season and we had to do it then, then you’re obviously missing a big chunk of the season rather than a big chunk of spring training.

The Griddle’s Bob Timmerman
reports that not only has Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder sworn off The Lucky (Meat) Gravy, but his inspiration came from a tome entitled “Skinny bitch in the kitch : kick-ass recipes for hungry girls who want to stop cooking crap (and start looking hot!)”. Imagine how much recent drama we’d have been spared if someone had purchased the same book for Debbie Clemens?