It’s a classic tale, told throughout the ages. Two incredibly good looking, talented young men attend one of the northeast’s top 37 broadcasting schools. One will ris to the top of sports talk radio (well, somewhere near the middle), the other remains mired on an obscure internet platform, desperately clutching his copy of The Molls’ “White Stains” b/w “Is Chesty Dead?”, swearing vengeance. What shortcuts did the former take? When will the latter finally get over it? FIND OUT on episode #2 (above).

The Molls – White Stains
Rank / Xerox – Cradle Of Life
Soot – Poles
Performing Ferrets – Convenience
Dan Melchior – Skip Bayless

The Kiwi Animal – This Day
Goldblum – Come Back Soon
Mark Stewart – As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
KZEW – Ted Nugent / Bugs Henderson
Richard Rose – Stepped On Star

Sissy Spacek – Maze Of Pricks
Ut – Confidential
Mayyors – Metro
Girls – Cubist Grid
Evaporated Brain – Sardonicus
Privacy Issues – Managed World
Charles Hayward – Rattlesnake
Scarcity Of Tanks – Glenville Hermetics
The Smashcords – Brand New Rambler
Fire Engines – Get Up & Use Me
Rock City Sixteen – Lunettes Noires Pour Nuits Blanches ?
Holt Bodish – Shoes Of Businessman

Octagrape – Aim Your Heart
Heavy Metal – It’s Only Suicide
Weak Signal – Voice Inside My Head
Midnight Mines – Live From The Mystery Plane
Mr. Airplane Man – Slippery
Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen – Rhinochimera Atlantica