Allegedly, Albert Einstein once explained his Theory Of Relativity to an audience of lesser minds thusly :
“when you see Jayne Kennedy on ‘The NFL Today’, she makes an hour seem like a minute. Conversely, Leon Issac Kennedy’s ‘Penitentiary III” makes two hours seem like an eternity.”

I don’t know if Einstein really said that, but this show makes two hours and 9 minutes seem like two hours.
(also, to be perfectly fair, ‘Penitentiary III’ is only 90 minutes long and if you can’t figure out the returns on the original ‘Penitentiary’ are going to be vastly diminishing, maybe you’re not so smart?)

Pluramon – Tel. Bell
Colin Newman – I’ve Waited Ages
Jordan Reyes – Close
Private Service – Body Alteration
Village Of Savoonga – Helicopter Song

Carsicknness – Police Dog
Double Dee & Steinski – The Art Of Getting Jumped
Obnox – Avalanche Grave
World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos
Doolhof – Hastened By Illusions
Sunwatchers – Pedal One

Wendy Eisenberg – Seventeen 2
Kallista Kult – When I Splice Into You
Itchy Bugger – New Kid
Yummy Fur – Kirsty Cooper
John Pancake – How To Win A War
Monoshock – Striking A Match In The Year 4007
Lean Left – Medemer – Part 2

Tom Carter / Susan Alcorn – North Fork
Alexander – ii
Whit Dickey Trio – Desert Flower
Trinary System – When The Dust Settles

Roy Montgomery – For The Intense
Jason Lescaleet – On Television