perhaps the only major podcast to get into the nitty gritty behind the ultimate sibling rivalry –
Carmine and Vinnie Appice. Of the two, who is the superior drummer? Which is the better actor?
Which brother is the better lover? If you don’t tune in, you might never find out.
(DISCLAIMER : due to rights clearance issues, I was unable to feature the music of Vanilla Fudge, Dio, Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart Rick Derringer, Blue Murder or any of the bands the Appice Brothers have played with. So I had to substitute other songs, instead . Please accept my apologies)

Soggy – Waiting For The War
GG King – Gilliam Park
Dow Jones & The Industrials – Can’t Stand The Midwest
21-645 – Babble
Kirsten Ketsjer – Ernie & The Sea

Dirtmusic – Panther Hunting
Peter Kerlin – The Unthreaded Needle
More Eaze & Claire Rousay – Post Op
Rayon – A Beat Of Silence
Felicia Atkinson – Everything Evaporate
The Dead C. – Helen Said This

Nocturnal Projections – Could It Be Increased
Magik Markers – Infinite Regress
Joe McPhee – Scorpio’s Dance
Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein – Slice
Crazy Bread – Zero Sympathy For Satanists
Blank Hellscape – Oncoming Traffic

SPF – Curb Appeal
Germ House – Can’t Feel My Feet
The Garbage & The Flowers – Lucy In Her Pink Jacket
Shells – North Shore
Heldon – In Wake Of King Fripp

Gil Scott-Heron – B Movie
Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian – Buzziin’ Fly
Meneguar – We Own We Sell