It’s always a bit galling to me when hosts use their programs as a bully pulpit or sorts, just another excuse to settle scores with persons they’ve been wronged by. Well, 2 wrongs doesn’t make me David Wright and I’m here to say under no circumstances should you hire Nicky Zero Movers. These guys put my boxes of 7″ singles in the bathtub, the sinks, the toilets, pretty much everywhere except the shelves. Their company motto is, “you don’t tell us how to do our job, we don’t tell you how to get beat up by Nicky Zero” I give them one and a half stars (at least they apologized for putting my cat inside the dishwasher).

(EDITOR’S NOTE : on the advice of his solicitors, Nicky Zero has refrained from comment and I’ve had to improvise the rest of the show, mostly with records and CD’s and such – hope you can get thru it alright – GC)

Blowgun – Dead At The Wheel
Watery Love – A Condom?Prolapse – Zen Nun Deb (Session)
Donovan’s Fucking Fucked Up
Lightning In A Twilight Hour – The Munich Post
Lucrecia Dalt – Disuelta

The Cakekitchen – Trouble Again In This Town
Killick – Wet Champion Sprocket Prevailer
Roger Robinson – Stay
David Jackman – Edge Of Nothing
Polonius – A3

Sunn Trio – Tantric Feedback Resistor
Mourning (A) BLKstar – Something JD Said
The Ex – Maybe I Was The Pilot
Sauna Youth – False JesIi Pt. II
Young Ginns – Well Directed Violence
Reptile House – Keel Haul Love
Exercise – Spiral

Will Veeder – Take The Hull
Karen Dalton – Little Bit Of Rain
LAFMS – 50 Of Every American Is Machines
Human Adult Band – Schizophrenics Control The Weather
Luxurious Bags – Voluntary Lifelong Quarantine
Early Drinker – Ur
Rafael Total – Super Sabre
Simon H. Fell – Movt. II (Crash)

Tim Rutili & Craig Ross – Back To The Plow