This week’s program attempts to delve in-depth into the very rich history of a Providence, RI’s arts scene that’s brought us cultural icons including but not limited to David Byrne, Jon Spencer, Tod Ashley, Lightning Bolt, Jon Moritsugu, John Dwyer, Blu Cantrell, Sage Francis, Arab On Radar, etc.

Unfortunately, even after hours of interviews and good faith efforts to obtain clearances from representatives from all of the above, I am sorry to say I am unable to use any of their music or dialogue in this episode and instead we’re left with Warwick, RI crew WARAQ (who if nothing else, are quite contemporary).

As always, thank you for listening.

Cube – Aura War
Burmese – Cummunist
Tools You Can Trust – Show Your Teeth
Bound & Gagged – Attack
Los Llamarada – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

T.V.B.C – C’mon Boy
75 Dollar Bill – 15
Saint Abdullah – Mined For Disturbances
Muamin Collective – Good Foot
Carmen Moore – New York Trouble Groove
Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble – Nothing 19

Jessamine – Corrupted Endeavor
NRA – Gay Black Whale
Derek Monypeny – No Love You’d Call Real
Noveller – Canyons
Dreamcrusher – Fever
Rakta – Fim do Mundo

Waraq – WPRI News and live from their backyard
F.U.K. – Road Kill
Razar – Task Force
Bar-b-Q Kiillers – Bovine Viewfinder
Susan Alcorn, Chris Corsano, Bill Nace – Live At #6
Heather Leigh – Days Without You
Ellen Fullman & Okkyung Lee – The Air Around Her (Pt. 1)