Wishing a very happy birthday to Lawrence (Felt, Denim, Go-Kart Mozart) whose illustrious career would’ve otherwise been been the focus of this two hour program, however rights clearance issues have prevented the use of his musical catalog. So you’re just going to have to settle for selections from lesser lights.

Unwound – Sonata For Loudspeakers
Long Hind Legs – Open Wide
Unwound – Nervous Energy
Unwound – Scarlette
Redrumsey – Big House
Unwound – The Light At The End OF The Tunnel Is A Train
Unwound – Pardon My French

Ashtray Navigations – Look To You
Celia Hollander – Santa Ana Wind Burn
Floating di Morel – China Rough
The Ground Pounders – Honeymoon
Catholic Block – Closer

Silver Scrolls – Walk One (Concrete Visions)
Shop Regulars – Patty’s Lament?Germ House – Nothing Is Like They Wanted
Threat -High Cost Of Living
Endtables – White Glove Test

Model Home – Big Deluge?Sinistar Voicez – Do Or Die?Ben Bennett – Chuffed To Smithereens?Shit & Shine – Thank Goodness

Ballister – Hotel Mary Poppins
Angel Bat Dawid – Space Fo Us
Dreamhost (Ilyas Ahmed / Golden Retriever) – Mirrored Image / Your Sunday Best