From USA Today / Associated Press, Thursday morning, May 31 :

Florida’s Billy Donovan (above, right) declined to comment Wednesday on a report that the Orlando Magic have contacted his agent in hopes of gauging his interest in becoming their next coach.

Donovan said Wednesday he had no idea whether the report was true.

“I know nothing,” he said at the Southeastern Conference’s annual spring meeting. “Anybody can say anything. If you said to me someone made a comment about that, maybe I would respond. But I’m not going to make any response or comment on sources. … A lot of times there’s speculation out there, and a lot of times there’s nothing to the speculation.”

A few minutes ago, ESPN credited Pat Forde with a report Donovan had signed a 6 year, $36 million pact with the Orlando Magic.

I guess the Magic just completed the fastest negotiation in history.

Rick Pitino would like Donovan to know that Dennis Scott isn’t walking through that door. Unless he’s hired as an assistant.