(Victorino, above far left, with Chris Roberson and Cole Hamels, moments before being told August Darnell Day at CBP had been rained out)

Writes the link-suppling Repoz, “Next thing you know…Scott Muni will start embracing punk music instead of worms!” From NBC10.com’s Leah Zerbe.

Before all the excitement of having Barry Bonds in town surges at Citizen™s Park on Friday, one Phillie will be serenading Philadelphia music lovers with his guest DJ selections as he takes over as Y-Rock DJ at XPN Thursday night at 8.

Listeners can tune in at 88.5 XPN, 88.5 HD-2 or online at YRockOnXPN.org as Shane Victorino, the feisty right fielder known as The Flyin™ Hawaiian, controls the airwaves for an hour. Back in March, I spoke to the Bob Marley-loving Victorino briefly about music, and I think it™s safe to say listeners will get to hear their fair share of reggae Thursday night when he™s calling the shots.

Peter Gammons chatted with ESPN Radio’s Dan Patrick this afternoon, the topic of choice being the alleged violation of baseball ettiquette by Alex Rodriguez last night in Toronto. Gammons insisted despite the Yankees’ poor showing thus far, when they’re on the road, “they’re the Rolling Stones.”

“Which of the Yankees is Keith Richards?” wondered Patrick.
“Jason Giambi,” replied a giggling Gammo, “though he might not like the comparison.”

Indeed, Keith might not. The Yanks’ Mr. Apology will miss at least 3 weeks after being diagnosed with a left heel injury earlier today.