If the doo-rags, high speed Hummers, bling and jones for jailbait wasn’t enough circumstantial evidence to condemn Mets rookie OF Lastings Milledge, take a gander at the following item from the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand.

Willie Randolph reprimanded Lastings Milledge for celebrating his first major-league homer – a dramatic game-tying solo shot in yesterday’s 10th inning – by taking a detour to high-five fans on his way out to right field to start the next inning.

“It will not happen again,” Randolph said after the Mets’ 7-6 loss to the Giants in 12 innings.

Milledge seemed a bit embarrassed that he had to talk about the high fives instead of his home run.

“It was a rookie mistake,” Milledge said.

Oh please, enough with the fake contrition, Lastings. Here I was, just two days ago, defending you as best I could, but now, I think I’ve come around to Mike McGann’s way of thinking. Clearly, any so-called major leaguer that goes out of his way to acknowledge the paying customers is a disgrace to the uniform and more than deserving of censure. Not since the days of Gregg Jeffries have the Flushing patrons paid witness to this kind of thuggish behavior.