Former Cubs OF Corey Patterson has 25 stolen bases so far in ’06 for Baltimore, 8 of them coming in the past week. It is safe to presume that Yankees 3B coach Larry Bowa doesn’t have Patterson on his fantasy team. From the New York Post’s George King.

When Corey Patterson (above right) stole second and third in the seventh inning with the Orioles leading by six runs Larry Bowa believed Patterson was rubbing it in the Yankees’ nose.

From the top step of the third base dugout, Bowa let Patterson have it.

“I told him to play the game the right way,” Bowa said. “That was terrible.”

Patterson said he didn’t know if a six-run bulge would hold up.

“I guess he didn’t appreciate me taking third base, basically. I can’t repeat what he said,” Patterson said of Bowa. “I even checked with some people before the inning. If I get on, what should I do, how should I play it out. I got the go-ahead.”

Patterson said something back to Bowa, but Bowa said he didn’t listen to it and Patterson said he couldn’t remember.