(Gang Green’s Revis. One of him is more than enough)

There’s any number of autopsies to choose from a Masshole perspective after the Jets made Tom Brady look downright ordinary at the Meadowlands yesterday, but only one penned by the region’s most decorated Belichick-baiter. Having emerged from retirement, former Boston Globe/current Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges offers a startling indictment (“one bonehead play by Leodis McKelvin from being 0-2 “) of the Patriots’ mindset ; namely, Randy Moss’ difficulties with rudimentary math.

What is disturbing is that, with the exception of the final five minutes of the game against the Bills, the offense that was supposed to overwhelm all others has been underwhelming. As Brady tries to work his way back into a comfortable state of mind he has had predictable struggles. He had them against the Bills for all but the final five minutes and he had them all day Sunday, primarily because he was under constant pressure.

Although Brady was never sacked, he was hurried seven times and pressured many more. His offense missed Wes Welker, who has been nursing a sore knee, and Randy Moss, who disappeared in a cocoon of coverage spun by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

After the game, Moss claimed he was double-covered all day. Revis said he was in man coverage all day. No wonder Moss couldn™t get open. He was seeing double.

Were this just an offensive problem one would be less concerned but for two straight weeks the defense has played worse in the second half than the first.

This was a problem against the Bills and an insurmountable one against the Jets, who rang up 197 yards and 13 points in the second half to 57 yards and a field goal in the first. Worse, the first two quarterbacks they™ve faced, Trent Edwards and rookie Mark Sanchez, finished with passer ratings of 114.1 and 101.1. It is unlikely the last game either plays this season will be the Pro Bowl.