Who amongst us doesn’t know what it is like to look deep into someone else’s eyes, utter “I love you” and receive no response whatsoever? OK, not me, but perhaps you might be familiar with the kind of reaction afforded to Alex Rodriguez yesterday after the 38 second pause heard ’round the world. From the New York Times’ Jack Curry.

When Rodriguez arrived for his news conference just outside Steinbrenner Field, 26 teammates and 6 coaches trailed him. While the veterans Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte looked somber as they followed Rodriguez and sat in the first row of seats to his right, some Yankees looked misplaced.

Are Dave Robertson, Dan Giese and Alfredo Aceves, who have appeared in a combined 51 games for the Yankees, close buddies with Rodriguez? Manager Joe Girardi said he was proud of the support the Yankees showed for Rodriguez, but it seemed as if some players marched in behind Rodriguez because it was the equivalent of going bowling with important coworkers.

Because Rodriguez™s words and actions are often choreographed, there was some speculation among members of the news media about the legitimacy of his emotional display toward his teammates. Several minutes after Rodriguez™s silence, he told his teammates he loved them and looked forward to an œamazing season. The players offered no visible head nods or thumbs up to Rodriguez.

Posada bolted about halfway through Rodriguez™s session. The Yankees were unsure why he left. None of the Yankees hung around to do interviews. Jeter, the Yankees™ captain, was emotionless and sat slumped in his chair. He will discuss Rodriguez on Wednesday, at which point he may still be emotionless.