Enlighten away, John Henry! From Wednesday’s Boston Globe :

(On the liklihood of a salary cap in baseball) Henry: “I think that the so-called large market to small market is united in one aspect — united may be too strong of a word — but I think we all agree that competitive balance is an issue. If there was a way to put together an enlightened form of a salary cap, I think everybody among the owners would support that.”

(Is it feasible?)

Henry: “I think it’s quite possible if you put together a partnership between the players and owners. Going forward, I think it’s something that should at least be explored.”

(Lucchino was asked about the A-Rod saga)

Lucchino: “I feel more comfortable talking about the Red Sox rather than the New York Yankees.”

Henry: (Interjecting) “When did that change?” (Laughter)