From the New York Times’ Ben Sisaro :

To Bruce Morrow (above), the longtime New York City disc jockey better known as Cousin Brucie, the news that his former station, WCBS-FM, is returning to an oldies format is a victory for older listeners. œI™m thrilled that this music is getting a chance again, he said yesterday in a telephone interview from his home. œThis music has been treated terribly, and people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s are still a very viable product in this society.

Mr. Morrow was dismissed in June 2005 along with Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison and other WCBS personalities when the station, owned by CBS Radio, switched to the Jack format, which plays a broad mix of music from the 1980s and ™90s and uses recorded sound bites instead of D.J.™s.

Radio analysts predicted that some former WCBS D.J.™s will return to the station. Mr. Morrow, though, has a little less than a year left on a three-year exclusive contract with Sirius Satellite Radio, which he signed shortly after he left WCBS.

œI™m very happy at Sirius, he said, œbut I™ll consider every option. In one year a lot of things can happen.

Full credit to Cousin Brucie, who accurately predicted œNew York is a very different market ” it ain™t Dallas or St. Louis, back in June of ’05.

Of course, Morrow also said œI think my audience is going to go out of their minds, and he was right about that, too.