On Friday, the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir commented on what is essentially the end of ABC’s sports division.  In the future, sports programming on the network will be rebranded “ESPN On ABC”.  In a meltdown of nearly Howard Beale proportions, the gentleman responsible for Japan Baseball Daily is well, mad as hell.

Did the overpaid asshole who dreamed this up actually think this was a genius suggestion? And what were the others on whatever intracompany board/committee/collection of self-important fucks thinking when they approved this? This was obviously a move geared to said flock of boobs justifying their existences. They failed. To the unemployment line with the lot of you!

You shitwads out there in Advertisingville and Corporateland get this straight, okay? Stop the craziness! We are tired of overblown exercises in buzzwordology like “synergy,” which most often just irritates the shit out of practically everybody and fails miserably in most cases to create any benefit for anyone. We have had it up to here with the same ad 15 times in an hour. We are so surfeited by advertising that we just shut down and stop paying attention if we just don’t outright want to puke. You have made channel surfing not just a habit, but a survival mechanism. We are angry at the way you denigrate men and assault us with gruesome horror movie spots. We are tired of the same old devices time after time after god damned motherfucking time. And inanity? Oh my God, the inanity!

He’s not nearly done, but to be frank, I’m kind of scared and I already think I’m going to have nightmares.