Mavs 123, Spurs 118

Jason Terry’s 32 point, 51 minute (!) performance was nothing short of skull-shredding last night, with no shot as important as the 3-pointer he buried over the outstretched arms of Tim Duncan (above).

And whatever I said about Erick Dampier being unable to stop Duncan…uh, never mind. The former shut down the latter in the closing seconds of regulation, a shot that would’ve given the Spurs a series-tying victory.

The only person I feel worse for this morning than whoever gave Barkley that cream sportcoat he’s got all bunched up around his shoulders and neck is Michael Finley. Well, him and this guy.

On the bright side, Tom Everett Scott seems to have landed on his feet. Television can’t have enough programs that recall early “E.R.” meets later-period “E.R.”.

The New York Times’ Howard Beck reports that Larry Brown’s agent Joe Glass denies
a) buyout talks with the Knicks have begun
b) his client is too ill to coach and
c) he’s already been in touch with Charlotte.

So at least two of the above are probably true.