When the player’s own agent says we shouldn’t expect to see him in a uniform again, what do we make of Dominican Republic GM Stan Javier’s claim that Manny Ramirez (supposedly on holiday ’til March 1) and Sammy Sosa (unofficially) retired will turn up for the World Baseball Classic?

Given the strength of the Dominican lineup, Sosa is a terrific candidate to hit 10th.

The spectacularly clueless Ronnie Lane (above) was at it again on XM yesterday. A typically gushy caller asked Lane “just how often is this World Baseball Classic going to take place?”

“Not very often,” advised Lane. “Every three years, I think. Same cycle as the Olympics.”

Next week, Ronnie Lane on the term of office for US Presidents (give or take 5 or 6 years) and the exact day income tax returns are due (May 20?) and the age of consent in the District Of Columbia (don’t ask).