Not only has Bryon Crawford weighed in today on Brandy’s recent traffic fatality (“I figured she might get away with a few hundred thousand in an out of court settlement, since Matthew Broderick once killed way more than two people and only had to pay to have the glass put back in a phone booth,”) but he’s got a (vaguely) sportsy entry that puts imposters to shame.

You’ll recall that Jay-Z is the black cosigner of the group that owns the New Jersey Nets, led by billionaire financier Bruce Ratner. They’re planning on moving the team from wherever it is in New Jersey to a new stadium in Jay-Z’s hometown of Brooklyn.

The other day, it was announced that a British bank named Barclays would pay $400 million dollars for the naming rights to the stadium.As it turns out, this Barclays has somehow managed to be involved in damn near every great crime that’s happened in the past few hundred years (other than the necessary eradication of the Native American Indians). This story in some shit called The Brooklyn Paper links them to everything from the slave trade, to the Holocaust, to Apartheid in South Africa, which is especially ironic when you consider that the two main figures in this deal are a black guy and a Jew. Damn.

Bol Says: Why not just name the place for Josef Mengele and be done with it?

The New York Daily News’ Michael O’Keefe has more on objections to the Barclays deal, while screenings of the “Brooklyn Matters” documentary are scheduled throughout the next month (trailer, quicktime required).