From the Associated Press :

Kansas coach Bill Self wants the profanity-laced chants that come from the student section at Allen Fieldhouse to stop.

Self was upset with what he heard from the crowd during the No. 3 Jayhawks’ 73-61 win Monday night against Big 12 rival Missouri.

“Nobody enjoys a great home court more than me and no one appreciates students being involved in the game more than me,” Self said. “But I do think that if you get into vulgarity, it takes away from how special this place is.”

Self said Kansas students should be able to come up with some other way to support their team.

“I’ll plead to the students now. Any type of profanity should not be chanted,” he said. “Our students are very clever. They should come up with something creative and clever.”

(just because Jayhawk rhymes with “suck cock” is no reason to yell about it in a public place)

Self (above) has a fucking point, here. However, if he has a problem with many of the paying customers exhibiting knuckle-dragging tendencies, maybe he should’ve taken a job somewhere other than a state university. Failing that, perhaps a chat with the Kansas admissions department about the caliber of student they’re attracting is in order.